Our Services

Our Services

Discover Superior Financial and Accounting Solutions

We stand as a trusted authority in financial consultancy and accounting, committed to delivering unmatched excellence and expertise to our clients. Our array of services is tailored to craft personalized solutions for distinct business challenges and operational needs.

Tailored Financial Consultancy

Leveraging our extensive collective expertise, our financial consultancy services guide you and your business toward a prosperous financial future.

Risk Advisory Services

Kreston SA’s risk advisory services focus on assessing, preventing, and managing potential risks and threats to your business strategy. Our experienced team of investigators, forensic auditors, forensic accountants, and IT forensic specialists work together to identify your exposure and close the gaps, leaving your operation secure and compliant.

Kreston Asset Management

Kreston SA offers a comprehensive suite of asset management advisory services, assisting both asset owners and portfolio managers in building for the future, while defending current positions against the ever-shifting forces of the global market.

Estate Planning & Executorship

Effective estate planning protects you and your chosen beneficiaries by ensuring that your last will and testament is implemented exactly as you intended it to be, with your assets distributed according to your wishes when you die.

Revenue and Profit Enhancement

Kreston SA’s revenue management consultant services assist municipalities and other organisations towards revenue completeness through comprehensive and innovative strategic interventions designed to maximise revenue from new and existing sources.

B-BBEE Verification

Kreston SA offers a full-service B-BBEE standard verification methodology as per SANAS and DTI requirements. We have a team of competent analysts with more than 30 years of BEE experience.

Business Rescue

Kreston SA’s corporate business rescue services deliver expert support to companies in financial distress, helping them navigate the complexities of the business rescue process while rehabilitating their operations with the aim of returning them to full functionality and profitability.


At Kreston SA, we believe that at its heart, recruitment is all about growth – about placing the right people in the right positions to activate and actualise latent personal and organisational potential.

Internal Audit and Related Services

With more than 50 years’ collective experience, Kreston Pretoria is an established and trusted partner in Internal Audit and related services.