Corporate Statutory & Company Secretarial Services

Corporate Statutory & Company Secretarial Services

Our corporate secretarial services are available to assist you with managing and alleviating risks when it comes to corporate non-compliance. Our experienced teams have years of innovative strategies under their belt to bring you the most effective professional services to
mitigate your
business risks.


A company or a corporate secretarial service is responsible for shareholder administration and communication, corporate governance and statutory compliance.

The company secretary is responsible for easing up the business administration and corporate governance which would usually fall onto the directors of the business. But as you know, certain administrative tasks can be a burden especially when it comes to needing to execute the day-to-day. This is why partnering with the right company secretarial consultant is so crucial to ensure the smooth operations of the business.


Meeting management: We can schedule and manage all meetings including taking minutes and sending actionable next steps to all involved to ensure accountability and proactivity across committees and stakeholders.

Corporate administration: We can assist you in appointing and/or changing directors, arrange allotment of shares, and managing changes to the registered company name, for example, conversion from Close Corporation to Company.

Correspondence: we will handle all administration and correspondence with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission of South Africa (CIPC). We can also offer your company a registered address in South Africa as well as handling all mail, address and location of company record changes.

Company registrations: We’ll seamlessly manage the name reservations, issuing of share certificates and the lodgement of the Memorandum of Incorporation. As well as hold and maintain all statutory books including resolutions, minutes and corporate records.