Bishop Fleming Leads International Business Conferences

Bishop Fleming Leads International Business Conferences

Mar 26, 2019

​​”With the lure of international opportunity, and Brexit only months away, now is the time to explore how expanding your horizons overseas could take your business forward. Whether you are looking to exploit overseas markets, or structuring to manage Brexit, you need the expertise and connections to make this happen”

Colleagues at UK firm Bishop Fleming will host their highly anticipated International Business Conferences across three UK locations from 27 November with a focus on helping businesses see their international ambitions and objectives become a reality.

Chris Walklett, International Tax Partner at Bishop Fleming will set the scene for businesses thinking about stepping onto the international stage and Wendy Andrews, Brexit Specialist at Bishop Fleming will update all on the latest developments.

Chris and Wendy will be joined by speakers from Kreston firms in the USA and The Netherlands, who will present on how to take advantage of these respective markets, whether for growth or to manage Brexit.

These include Laura Plotner, Managing Director at CBIZ MHM whose international expertise includes assistance with both inbound and outbound transactions and structural planning; Jelle Bakker, Partner at Bentacera in The Netherlands, who specialises in International tax and tax structuring and Tax Advisor Dennis Schoemaker from Kreston Lentink.

​All of these events are free to attend. For further information please email